16 October 2012

NZ Herald review of 'Impassionate Gods' exhibition

TJ McNamara's 'Animal instincts, Salon des Animaux' mentions my 'Impassionate Gods' exhibition:

"Fantasy forms part of the attractive paintings of Myah Flynn at Orexart, a fantasy that has evolved as the paintings were created - a fantasy of paint itself. These sizeable paintings are masses of clouds of pastel colour brushed in such a way that everything is in movement. The result is like an immense background for a Baroque opera, notably in One Night Bridge where the bridge is a link from one faery imaginary isle to another.
... Flynn won several awards. This, her third show, continues the style of her early promise and continues to develop it."

12 September 2008

Auckland City Harbour News article

Another Mazda win article, though this one has a sensationalist title ('Big Apple Beckons').

31 August 2008

Mazda Zoom Zoom article

Press from the sponsors about my winning the Mazda Emerging Artist Award.

21 August 2008

Education Review article

First writeup about my Mazda win.

'Euphoria' wins Maza Emerging Artist Award

This competition is the biggest competition for art students in New Zealand.

21 October 2007

NZ Herald review of 'Cocktail' exhibition

TJ McNamara's 'Smell of a Painted Rag' mentions my Cocktail exhibition:

"A new and talented artist comes riding in on the clouds with her first exhibition, Cocktail, at the McPherson Gallery until October 26. Myah Flynn's paintings are filled with all the curving, tumultuous exuberance of a rococo heaven. Among the massy clouds are deft touches of feathery calligraphic curves that add grace notes to the scene. Every cloud carries an emotional charge that is conveyed by its shape and its colour. In among the clouds ride figures of a private mythology whose emotions are symbolised by the masses rolling in movement around them and strange, often winged beings that accompany them.
... Flynn won the Glaister Ennor award recently and this exhibition confirms the promise shown then. It has that special quality that comes when artists create an individual world that becomes instantly recognisable as theirs."

2 April 2007

Art New Zealand article

Another article about my Glaiston Ennor win, this time in the Autumn Issue of Art New Zealand.

21 February 2007

Writeup in Glaistor Ennor client newsletter

Article (on the final page) in the sponsor's client newsletter.

'Arabian Nights' featured in NZ Herald Art News

The article 'Win-Win Situation' in today's New Zealand Herald, has news of the results and a picture of my work.